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Using an Apple Remote Control with Smart Shooter

Although Smart Shooter does not support using a computer remote control to trigger the camera, it is possible to achieve this using some third party application that allow mapping the remote control to mimic a keyboard press. So because Smart Shooter has keyboard shortcuts for certain actions, such as taking a photo or running a script, the remote control signal can be mapped to one of these keys.

Take a look at this webpage for some pointers:

The full list of keyboard shortcuts for Smart Shooter is at:

Is there a way to reassign the shortcut keys?  For instance, instead of hitting 'T' to take a pic, you make it the Space Bar.

No this is not possible at the moment.

I've had it on the list of feature requests for a while, just haven't got to it yet.

If its important then let me know, I'll try to add an extra space bar shortcut just for the 'Shoot' action.

By the way, such shortcuts only work when the input focus is not in a text box. For example, if you have the cursor in a text box in the Smart Shooter UI, then hitting space bar or 'T' will enter text there, instead of activating the shortcut.

Has anyone had success using a remote to take family pictures with you (the shooter) being in them while using the Smart Shooter?

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