Beta for Smart Shooter v3 released

Available for download from

The beta is fully functional without a license, but is time limited and will stop working on 1st October 2014. By this time the official release of Smart Shooter v3 will be available.

This includes the following new features:

  • Add support for Live View on Nikon D3200 and D3300
  • Add ability to save and load camera settings as presets
  • Add ability to synchronise camera clocks
  • Add ability to format camera memory cards
  • Add ability to alter brightness of Live View image
  • Add new UI for listing cameras and photos
  • Add Live View only display mode
  • Add camera and photo name labels to display window
  • Add UI context menus to display window for camera/photo actions
  • Improve performance of display drawing
  • General improvements to UI appearance
  • Ensure mouse wheel does not change dropdown menu selections
  • Ensure camera database names are available before connecting to camera
  • Support Retina display resolutions on Mac
  • Switch to 64 bit for Mac version
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