New beta for Smart Shooter v3 released

A new beta version of Smart Shooter 3 is now available from

The major advancement is the introduction of support for networked multi-computer multi-camera control, allowing you to scale the number of cameras past the USB limitations of a single computer.

This includes the following new features since v3 Beta 1:

  • Smart Shooter Grid - networked multi-computer control of multi-camera arrays 
  • Optimise performance of display drawing for large photos 
  • Add ability to scan barcodes directly from captured images 
  • Add ability to recompute photo filename after capture 
  • Harmonise names used for Canon and Nikon image quality settings 
  • Support TIFF and PNG background images 
  • Fix crash on some AMD Radeon HD graphics cards

This includes the following new features since v2:

  • Add support for Live View on Nikon D3200 and D3300 
  • Add ability to save and load camera settings as presets 
  • Add ability to synchronise camera clocks 
  • Add ability to format camera memory cards 
  • Add ability to alter brightness of Live View image 
  • Add new UI for listing cameras and photos 
  • Add Live View only display mode 
  • Add camera and photo name labels to display window 
  • Add UI context menus to display window for camera/photo actions 
  • Improve performance of display drawing 
  • General improvements to UI appearance 
  • Ensure mouse wheel does not change dropdown menu selections 
  • Ensure camera database names are available before connecting to camera 
  • Support Retina display resolutions on Mac 
  • Switch to 64 bit for Mac version

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