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Increase Liveview image download resolution


I've just started using Smart Shooter today and I'm thoroughly impressed. One feature I would absolutely love to see are the downloaded Liveview image in higher resolution, perhaps an option asking for what resolution you want. 

Also, for some reason, when zooming in 5x it shows correctly in Smart Shooter, however when pressing zoom again on the camera (10x) it doesn't change the view in Smart Shooter and still shows 5x... the camera however is showing 10x. This is with 5D Mark III.

Thanks very much for your software. I will be purchasing today.

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Hi Amir,

Unfortunately the live view resolution is quite limited, and its not really possible to improve this within the app itself. When zooming the live view region, the app will always zoom to a 1 to 1 pixel ratio, or at least try to request that from the camera. So this normally maps to a 5x zoom. For Canon cameras, you can request a 10x zoom, but actually this internally applies a digital zoom factor on the camera itself, so really it doesn't improve the quality to see from the app.

Regarding this problem with the app getting out of sync when you manually change to 10x zoom on the camera, again I don't think its possible to adjust for this, as I suspect the app its not getting notifcation of the change from the camera!

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