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Camera Live View mode...

Hi Francis, I was trying the new V3 version and found out that if you use lets say 5 cameras and then disconnect them and start 5 new cameras for example, then the Live view window will keep the original 5 camera slots and show a total of 10 slots. The more you do this, the more slots it shows so they start getting smaller and smaller. Basically it never clears the original slots from the window and adds the new ones on top.

I was doing this because I was re-focusing the cameras and I do it 5 at a time to not use the batteries to fast on the rest.

Thanks for all the cool stuff on the new version, it is amazing!


Hi Leonardo,

Actually I think this behaviour is intentional, so let me explain my reasoning for doing it!

When the app starts up, it detects which cameras are connected via USB, and sizes the grid to fit this number. If you plug in more cameras, when the app detects them it will increase the size of the grid.However if the unplug a camera, although the app will no longer detect it, it keeps its place in the grid and hence the grid stays the same size.

In the general case, its usual for people to unplug cameras. Whereas its much more possible for a camera connection to temporarily drop and then reconnect due to some unreliable connection. So if the app were to resize the grid smaller on a disconnected camera, then it would mean the grid size would sort of 'bounce' smaller and bigger whenever a camera connection was lost - its this I wanted to avoid.

Hi Francis, thanks for the reply. Well if this is intentional, then it doesn't matter too much. It only bothers me when I am regulation, focusing, re-aiming the complete setup and I do it in chunks to avoid draining the batteries of the rest of the cameras. So I do a chunk of 5 then turn them off and start the next group.

When working normally, this would be no issue I guess.

Thanks a lot for all the cool stuff!


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