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Scripting ideas

Let me say up front that I'm a Magic Lantern and CHDK Canon user.

If I look at ML, for a photographer there a few killer features, eg: Auto-ETTR exposure setting from a RAW (sic) histogram, Auto-bracketing according to the scene's dynamic needs, and Dual-ISO, which gives a single image a 3Ev boost.

If I consider CHDK I have written scripts to give me auto-bracketing, based on 'RAW' histograms.

I like the Smart Shooter scripting environment, but I would like to see it elevated. For example, the fact Smart Shooter gives me a histogram, albeit a LV JPEG one, means that SS must have the histogram data. But I can't seem to get at it via a script call. I would love to be able to access the histogram in my scripts.

Is anyone else thinking along these lines: or am I on my own?

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