Smart Shooter v3.1 released

Available for download from

Release Notes:

  • Add support for Nikon D750
  • Add preliminary support for Nikon Coolpix cameras
  • Add button to show/hide camera and photo names in the display window
  • Add warning indicator for when multi-camera settings are mismatched
  • Add option to set a default camera autofocus mode
  • Add ability to enable/disable Mirror Lockup on Canon
  • Add button for anticlockwise photo rotation
  • Improve UI for adding camera presets
  • Allow camera presets to include all available camera settings
  • Support display autorotate for RAW photo orientation
  • Ensure busy icon is shown whilst local camera operations are pending
  • Convert semicolons to underscores in photo filenames
  • Harmonise text used for camera autofocus modes
  • Harmonise text used for Canon exposure compensation settings
  • Show columns for camera settings in the camera table
  • Add filename expression token [M] for milliseconds
  • Allow filename expression [D] and [T] (date/time) to include a separator character
  • Allow SetActiveCamera script function to take camera name as parameter

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