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Trigger Camera Video Capture

Hi Guys,

My Canon SLR has the ability to capture HD Video as well as images.

Could Smartshooter support the download of the movie files in the same way as it does images?


Andy M

Hi Andy M

You have to setting like this...

At camera

   1. Insert sd card to your camera

   2. Set your camera to vedio mode

At smartshooter program

   1. Open smartshooter program and connect camera

   2. Set camera storage is Card

   3. Push "Video" button on program then the camera will record automatically

   4. Push "STOP Video" button on program again to stop recard

   5. Go to menu "Display" choose "Recent Photos" to show vdo list you had record

   6. Right click on your video select Download or Double click on it to download video

   7. After finish right click again and select "Browse to folder" or you can change path of this folder by

      go to "File / Options" in General Tab at menu "Photo Download Directory" and change it.

Hope this can help you.

Hi KP,

Thanks for the reply that was very useful.

I have the camera(Canon100D) connected to Smartshoort(v3.17) and the camera is set to video mode. The camera also has an SD Card inserted.

At this point the 'video' button was grey and inactive.

Once the camera is connected to Smartshooter, press the 'Live view button'. This will then enable the video option. This could be specific to the Canon100D.

You also don't need an SD Card and the movies can be stored directly onto the PC, but those movies get big fast so the limitation the camera internal storage.

What I cannot do is trigger multiple cameras in this way. When two cameras are connected and the video button is pressed Smartshooter reports 'Busy' but sadly does nothing.

I will need to trigger multiple cameras simultaneously. I might be able to live with an slight delay between cameras if I time code the videos, but in step at a time.

I do have the cameras connected via Sync, for simultaneous triggering for photos. but this doesn't work with video capture.

Thanks again for your reply, it was very useful!


Hi Francis,

I have a multi-camera rig system with 1 master computer and several client computer with camera connected on.

I would like to trigger the video from the master for all cameras of the client computers.

When I press the video button on the client computer with camera, the video are triggered on the local cameras.

However, when I press the video button on the master computer, nothing happen on the clients.

Is is a normal behaviour?



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