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Canon 100D Sync interferring with USB Connection with Smartshooter

Hi Guys,

I having a problem I haven't encountered before on previous setups.

When I attach the remote trigger to my Canon 100D it interferes/blocks the USB connection to Smartshooter.

If I disconnect the sync cable, the USB connection resumes, ore returns after I restart the software.

Has anyone encountered anything like this before?


Hello, I have the same problem, when I disconnect the trigger cables to Esper Shutter Cell, it works. Anyone knows what could be happening?

Thank you very much.

Hello, Yes, I'm having the same problem.


Hi Carlos.

One of the contributing factors for my setup on this issue was poor quality cabling to the sync. Cheaper cabling heads might be slightly to thin or short and the poor connection is the cause of the seemingly random USB failure. Try buying a range of high quality cabling and see if that fixes the issue.

FYI - I have 120 bad cables for sale if anyone wants them :)

Hi Andrew, thanks for the tip. I'm trying with 3 different USB cables and all of them is working the same way. Are you meaning only USB cables or Sync (minijack stereo cables) too?


In My case, the USB cables were fine. It was the sync cable that caused the issue and this interfered with the USB. I'd suggest but a couple of different brand USB AND sync/Audio Jack cables so you can bug fix quicker. 

The problem is if the trigger cable has a short circuit that puts the camera into a half press or a full press condition, the USB connection won't work. This is surprisingly common on a range of different cables we have purchased. In the end, we had to buy extra cables and do our own Quality Control and throw away the bad ones. 

You can tell it is half pressed because the Q icon on the camera's screen is greyed out

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