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Missing Photos from Master Node

We have a 96 camera rig which we're using Smart Shooter to control.  We have 8 computers networked each with 12 Canon 100Ds attached controlled by 1 master node computer with no cameras attached.

When we take photos, whether the mode be set to Card, Disk or Both all 12 photos from each bank of cameras are saved (with disk or both they all appear on the computer the cameras are attached to).  

However, in the Master node, not all of the images are registered.  There can be anywhere from 2 to 30 photos missing when downloading.  I've tried unticking sync photos and manually downloading by clicking "Download all", but this doesn't help.

The only way we've found to get around the problem is to close Smart Shooter on the master computer and reopen.  As part of the startup, it checks all the networked computers and finds the missing photos which are then available to download.

Although this work around helps a little, when we're attending events, we can take up to 300 sets of 96 photos in a day - when that quantity of photos is stored on the computers, Smart Shooter crashes when it reopens when it syncs through the images.

We store the images with the following naming [UniqueTag]/[BatchNumber]/[CameraName].jpg

Where unique tag is the person, batch number is a set of photos taken at the same time and camera name is the individual photos from that scan.

I wonder, is there perhaps a custom script that we could use for downloading, that can query the networked computers after a batch changes to ensure all the photos in that batch are uploaded?  (similar to the sha1 comparisons like when Smart Shooter starts up, but focused on the previous batch or unique tag).  If so, would someone be able to point me in the right direction?


Hi Tim.

Did you manage to sort this in the end?

I'm having a similar problem.. rig of 103 cameras, which are all registering onto the Master computer.. but when I take the shot we're only getting 96 or so come through to the other computer which we use for the editing.. Could this be a network problem or something to do with SmartShooter?



Hi Oli,

We did get this sorted - although it was so long ago I forget now whether it was something we consciously did or whether it just sorted itself out.

However, now, when we attend events we're taking 100 photos per minute so we've had some custom scripts written outside smart shooter to handle the movement of all the data as we've found smartshooter can't keep up with the transfers at this speed.

We now just use smartshooter to control the camera settings, name the photographs and download them to the slave PCs and use our scripts to retrieve and remove the photos and custom built relays to trigger the cameras.

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