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No live view with Nikon D5500!

 Hi guys

I keep getting this window popping up telling me my graphics card might need updating??. I`m running Windows 10 64bit and the card driver is the latest?. All seems to work ok except I can`t have Liveview on screen.

any idea`s please?. I can run other tether progs with no problems!.



Hi Steve,

This is a new error message that we added in the latest version (v3.20).

This gets triggered when Smart Shooter detects it cannot display any graphical content, so that includes photos and the liveview image.

Technically, its because the graphics card does not support OpenGL 2.0 or higher.

Do you know what type of graphics card you have?

All modern graphics cards should support this. If you can tell me the make and model, I'll check the status.



Same problem using remote desktop, need to log in with a screen connected when launching Smart Shooter. Any fix for launching the program through remote desktop? :)
Hi guys
Sorry for long delay replying. I`d still like to try Smartshooter. I`m using the onboard graphics that are on the motherboard and I believe it uses the Intel G45 chipset for which there are no Win 10 drivers which would explain why SS doesn`t work. I`ve just ordered a new PCI-e graphics card which will hopefully solve the problem.


Yep that did it, works fine now ;-], sorry for delay replying.


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