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software crashes when trying to connect 45 cameras

Hi, we are working with Smartshooter (grid licensed version, 3.21.0) with a 45 Canon Rebel T5 setup, on a Windows 7 Ultimate PC, using 2 USB PCIExpress cards/thunderbolt).

We execute Smartshooter and then we start connecting the usb powered hubs with 3.0 cables, each of which has between 5 and 7 cameras. Once the software recognizes 30 cameras it stops responding and there it freezes. This is random, and doesn´t seem to follow a pattern: sometimes we can see 35 cameras and other times 29, and when we click “connect” or “refresh”  button it continues in “Busy” mode.


As suggested in forums, we are using a couple of USB PCIExpress card (2 x Sonnet USB 3-4PM-E Allegro 4 port USB 3.0)

At this moment, the problem doesn’t seem to be related to the PC hardware (all the 45 cameras are detected by the PC)


Thanks for your help 

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Just wanted to make sure I had a good a understanding how your program works is there a video that breaks it down also make sure I am trying to Pro version

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