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Script for BulbExposure

I would like to use the existing bulb exposure script but add a couple lines to pause shooting between exposures and add an external API to communicate with a program guiding my telescope.

Is the internal bulb exposure script available anywhere?

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Hi Joe,

Yes, the built-in scripts are included as files, and installed to the same location as the application.

So for example, if you installed the app to the default location, then the script files are located here:

    C:\Program Files\Smart Shooter 3\scripts

And the bulb exposure script in particular is here:

    C:\Program Files\Smart Shooter 3\scripts\Bulb_timelapse.tcl

So if you want to customise that script, copy the file to another directory, and then just edit it in a normal text editor.

In Smart Shooter, you can then click the 'Load Script' button and point it to your new version of the script.



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