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Missing 200 photos on my camera card after using Smart Shooter

At the end of the shoot day, I went to upload 216 images from my camera memory card to my studio computer. Only 16 images were on the memory card! I copied the images from Smart Shooter/laptop to a portable hard drive and then onto my studio computer. But dozens of images were missing! I had to re-shoot with the client yesterday. Not good. How did this happen? Thank you.

Hi Debby,

I'm not sure, but lets try and figure out what went wrong.

What 'Storage' mode setting are you using in Smart Shooter?

This page explains what the Storage mode does, basically it controls where each new photo is saved, either the memory card of the computer hard disk:

Also, can you send me the log files from Smart Shooter?

This page shows where to find the log file:

Please send the follow log files to





Thank you! On location all day... I will send you the log files etc. tomorrow. I so appreciate this!


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