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Anyone there??

So I have a ticket out there #2794 but I haven't gotten a response. If anyone is there can you answer the ticket and I also have another question. I purchased Smart Shooter about 3 years ago. I never get any updates about anything. Now I come to the site and notice a ne version but my license key won't work with the way it is set up now. Do I need to buy a new key or how do I get a new type of key that will work.
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Hi Orville,

Apologies for not reply sooner.

I'll reply via email to your previous question about licensing.

But regarding the updates to the app; there is an option to check for updates from the app.

The app should also show a notification when it detects a new version is available, but this can be disabled so that may explain why you did not notice it.

At time of writing, the latest version of Smart Shooter is v3.27. For this version, we switched to a new licensing system, and this requires using a new license key.

Emails were sent out to customers last week, with the new license key to use. But note, this email was sent to the original contact email that was used when purchasing the license.

Again, I'll email you directly about that.



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