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Crash with new version v3.29 - Microsoft .NET Framework required

I would like to report you an installation problem that I solved and might help other users or improve the installation setup.

Yesterday, I have finally upgraded he 7 computers of my camera rig with Smartshooter 3.29 (initially 3.26).

All my computer have windows 7 SP1.

Except for the internet connection needed for the activation (my network is not connected !) it was done easily for most of the computers.

However, on two of them smartshooter crash before starting and each time presenting the error report windows.

After many tries, I figured that the two problematic computers didn't have the Microsoft .NET Framework installed.

So I downloaded the version 4.6.1 and installed it and Smartshooter is now working !

I don't know which program installed this package on the other computers as I have very few programs but it was missing on some of them.

I hope my experience can help you.

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Thanks Frederic for pointing this out.

The Smart Shooter requirement is for .NET 4.0.

I thought that all Windows versions from Windows 7 came with .NET 4.0, but it seems that some times it does not.

I'll plan to update the Smart Shooter installer, to take care of this dependency.

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