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Canon 6D Mark II

The 6d M2, connects, but then the camera gives an error. The 6d M1 works fine. Error code:a77. From shot one, after that Smart Shooter crashes. I'm working on a MacBookPro 2018 model, latest OSX.

Gr Frank

Can you check which version of Smart Shooter you are using?

If it's not the latest one, which is v3.37, please download and try that:

I've been testing with the Canon 6D Mark II today on Mac. It seems to be working ok, I wasn't able to reproduce this crash.

Hey! I'm having an issue with 6D Mark II -

When I click autofocus it disconnects the camera.

I'm using the latest version of SmartShooter GRID (3.37)

-- If there is a workaround for this it would be really really really really helpful!

Oh I should add that this is on Windows 10

Thanks in advance Francis!

Hi Cameron,

This sounds like something I fixed recently, but have not released an update for.

Can you try out this test version:



Sure! I'll let you know how it goes.

Perfect! You're a champion! - I'll let you know if there are any other hiccups :)

Many thanks from New Zealand :) :)

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